Are you finding hard while downloading your favorite online videos? Looking for the best multimedia streaming application? If so, then nothing will beat the unique functionalities of vidmate. If you are the individual who wants to take pleasure in the boring day, then devoid of any delay avail the vidmate too on your phone. In doing so, sure you will never feel any boring things. It is because; the application is filled with huge entertainment things and sure your eyes will become very big once you have surfed simply. It is no matter whatever you are gazing for, but you will get your desired choice of contents with just a particular snap.

Gone are the day’s many people may find very difficult in organize to grab any of the content files. But, now, with the arrival of vidmate technology, nearly everyone has huge fun and joy by getting the multimedia files on their device. The submission does not popular for its video content bust also much-loved for its unique qualities like movies, music, HD videos, games clippings, live TV shows and many more.

Nothing in the world has the power to beat the grabbing rapidity of the vidmate. Yes, the submission helps you to get any of the files in just a tweak of seconds. That is why the platform is loved by all and is used by many users. No one application has huge fan followers like vidmate. The submission is having nearly more than 200 millions of users with 100 millions of download per day. So, just tell me. What else you need other than this smart tool? Just go through the following article and get to be familiar with more interesting factors about this tool and its unique features.

What is vidmate application?

Vidmate is an effective and online downloader tool helps you grab the online multimedia contents with just a single tick on your tool. It has the capability to acquire any of the contents from the well-liked sites namely

  • YouTube
  • Daily motion
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Vimeo

How To Download Vidmate Application?

When you desire to clutch the vidmate submission, you can’t capable to grasp the platform unswervingly on your phone. You require fetching the vidmate apk file at first. It is totally waste of time to grab this effective tool directly. So, availing the apk folder is the only way to search out the vidmate claim on your receiver. If the downloading process gets over kindly avoid clicking and opening the file simply. Just pursue the subsequent steps and fetch the Vidmate apk file from the trusted app store.
  • First and foremost visit the authorized website
  • Then, type the name of the function “Vidmate Apk folder Download” and search.
  • Next, the app store displays relevant apps.
  • Just click on the Vidmate app.
  • Then, at the bottom, you will be provided with a red color “Download” button
  • Without any delay, just hit it off on the button
  • Then, the downloading process will begin
  • Finally, the Vidmate apk file is successfully downloaded on your handset

How To Install Vidmate Application?

In order to install the vidmate submission, you need to carry out some modifications on your handset. In doing so only, the platform will begin to set up on your device. Just make use of the following tips and do the changes according to the comments.

  • Go to the Mobile phone Settings menu
  • Hit it off the <Security> options
  • Afterward, find “Device Administration” option
  • After that, enable <Unknown sources> which are usually in disable format
  • Then, just click “OK” button and then move on to the next step to install the Vidmate on your handset
  • Search for the APK file
  • Once found, just tap on the “Install” button
  • That’s all the application is successfully installed on your device
  • Finally, enjoy downloading online videos from popular sites

Why people prefer vidmate?

Are you thinking about why people exclusively opt for the vidmate, right? If so, then let me tell you. If you are getting bored, then what will you do? Just wait….! I will tell you the answer. Probably surfing, right? Yes, nearly all have the habit of streaming online contents. While watching, they forget each and everything and enjoy the phone. Do you recognize? The vidmate is specially designed for Android users. If you are the individual who is using a Smartphone, then not yet tries vidmate then your mobile phone is waste and never gets the beautiful look without this effective tool.

Features of Vidmate

  • The vidmate submission is the trendiest submission and grabs any of the online contents from the admired sites
  • The platform is available at absolutely free of cost. And so, you no need to pay off the single amount in order to enjoy its cool features
  • The application is available in many different regional languages. Hence, you may find hard in the English language, you be capable of easily modify the language settings as per your suitability
  • Moreover, you can grab your favorite music files from video files. With the help of in-built MP3 converter, you can easily convert a video file into music note which is uploaded on the website.
  • Through the vidmate submission, you will never find a few of the difficulties while searching the desired videos. Since the vidmate app is premeditated with uncomplicated user-interface and so you know how to fetch the stuffing instantly. this makes the app so popular and much-loved by the users
  •  With its spectacular features, many people grab nearly more than 100 videos simultaneously. Simple in words, the app is pride to provide many contents at once. Even though the submission is responsible for many downloads, then you will not discover any distractions. The contents grabbed on your device smoothly without any issues.
  • Certainly, many people will require this smart tool in order to have the benefit of their favorite shows. If you are the individual who is feeling of missing your most wanted serials, then you will be able to look at easily without any sorts of maddening ads.
  • Of course, all the contents are accessible devoid of any virus and bugs. It is because; the company ensures the purpose in order to check whether it is affected by a virus or not.
  • With the aid of break in and start again option, you can easily break the file which is under the grabbing process.
  • It comes up with multiple resolution and format. This shows that you know how to select the resolution and format of video according to your choice.
  • Then, you can also take benefit from meme making techniques by means of vidmate platform

Pros and Cons of Vidmate App


  • Available in different formats and resolutions 
  • Supports nearly more than 150 TV channels 
  • Application is available at free of cost
  • Even you are struggling with a slow internet connection, you can able to grab your desired options without any issues. 
  • The size is more or less 5MB and so never need much space on your device. 


  • Vidmate is not available on Google Play Store

Yes… it is not at all available at Google play store. It is because; the play store has strict rules and the vidmate never matched up with the rules. So, you can take pleasure in the vidmate download process from a third party store called 9apps. Since the 9apps is itself a third party store and filled with huge entertainment things like popular apps, games, themes, wallpapers and many more. And also, the 9apps pride to provide even premium apps like vidmate at free of cost. That is why vidmate can be accessible only at 9apps.

How to generate memes using vidmate?

When compared to a few of the online downloader’s, vidmate is the single which has a buzz in the marketplace. Besides, you can also enjoy creating memes and has the option of sharing directly with your contacts or share to the community media side. Of course, memes are the trendiest thing on the social media sites. Almost, every day, we see a variety of memes and get pleasure from a lot, right? Of course, the generating small content with funny ideas has the power of changing the boring conversation into something interesting and attractive. With the assist of a few steps, you know how to become a meme creator. Just utilize the subsequent approach and take pleasure in the relevant task making option.

  • Hunt for the wanted image at this smart tool gallery in order to inscribe the content. In case, you are not supposed pleased with the image existing on the submission, then you will be capable to fetch it from additional community media side.
  • Then, just put the downloaded image at the center of the meme design page. There you will be affording with a rectangular transcript envelope. Immediately type the words anything you would like to communicate to the client. Simultaneously, you be able to what’s more inscribe the contented at the peak or at the base of the box.
  • If any modification necessary, you be acquainted with how to effortlessly regulate the location of the wording and fix a spot
  • In conclusion, your meme is located to utilize. Enjoy your created content with your links.


As a whole, vidmate is the best and effective online downloader. With just a single click, you can able to grab any of the online contents without any issues. That is why many people would stick on the vidmate app. just avail the vidmate app on today and enjoy your boring days greatly.